Obtain care is a service provider platform created using industry leading tech & backed with vetted & validated data to bring care to the masses. But we are much more than that. Obtain care has the ability to bring peace of mind to millions around the globe. We do this by empowering members to play an active role in the care of everything they cherish. From healthcare to car care and everything in between. To put it simply—obtain care is a community of members & service providers singularly focused on making life better—one experience at a time. Because caring feels good
We know how important our families, our health, our pets and all of our things are to us— and we understand how frustrating, difficult & down-right scary it can be when something inevitably goes wrong. The irony is that the care service category as a whole is tragically siloed. Instead of everything being under one roof— we have to go to different apps, places & sites to find the care we need. Our platform allows members to safely input their data to generate custom “careboards” that they can access whenever or wherever the need it most. Instantly
The past 2 years have shown us how important access to care & reliable information is to our collective wellbeing. Covid19 has uncovered a myriad of issues that has had an impact across all aspects of care. From medical to financial and from functional to cultural. Through our product obtain care is uniquely positioned to take this problem head on. We are forging strategic partnerships with industry giants as well as legislative & government leaders who share our vision & goal to facilitate access to trustworthy information & care for all
Public Care For Your Constituency
We will provide unlimited access to a centralized comprehensive network of vetted care providers to all residents/constituents who may not have immediate access due to lack of time & transportation or limited knowledge of options.
One stop shop access to validated, trustworthy & affordable local top tier care provider services
Cost transparency so residents can see at a glance what they will actually pay. No hidden fees or costs
Communicate confidently & securely with care providers across our network. Accessibility & transportation options available if 1:1 appointments are necessitated
Public Care For You
By Providing Unlimited Instant Access To Total Care Providers (Albeit Health, Personal, Elderly, Legal Or Pet) We Will Re-Contextualize The Sourcing Of Care For Your Residents/Constituents By Making It Easy, Fast & Affordable To Find Services That Fit Their Personal Needs.
Simplify care access & education to all of your residents while amplifying your communication reach across all constituents
Give local businesses online presence that increases Awareness & provides customer acquisition via Exponential growth of community adoption of obtain Care as the “go to” trusted resource.
Advanced realtime demographic analytics based on city, town, interests & brand preference. Together we can fill the void for instant access to Total care providers - whatever the need may be. Let’s make life better - one experience at a time