The Solution: Unique Value to Consumers provides convenience and choice for consumers all in one FREE destination

  • Convenience: One-stop shop for all types of global care from Health to Home to Pet to Auto (15 categories thus far)
  • Trust: Comprehensive and accurate consumer profiles
  • Ease of Use: Highly intelligent Search helps consumers find providers and their content accurately and fast
  • Free: No subscriptions for communicating with providers (email, phone, scheduling, etc.)
  • Data Revenue: We optimize the revenue potential of a consumer’s data (from a free sign-up), earned as credits toward online shopping on (e.g. participating in consumer panels)
  • Engagement: TeleMed and TeleShop with a provider of choice
  • Care Infotainment: All forms of real-time news and 15 types of short and long-form video, animation, live event and virtual streaming productions provided from all constituents of care including Government, Not-for-Profits, Manufacturers, Providers, etc.​
  • Profiles that Come to Life: Far more engaging profiles through all types of creative production for consumers to feel even more comfortable with their choice in providers​
  • Shopping: A unique care shopping marketplace where consumers can find products as diverse as the providers, with flexible types of payment options and, eventually, ​an ObtainCare Card​